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BPR Swiss

BPR Swiss GmbH (B-Productions) is a world-wide innovation leader in the dental and medical market. Throughout its history, it has stood out for quality, innovation and design "made in Switzerland".

It is our goal to carry on this tradition and constantly write new chapters for the BPR Swiss history book. Our six business units

have all produced major innovations over the last few years.

These include products such as the first and only fully performing plug-and-play dental unit P3, the world’s first and only fully performing plug-and-play portable dental unit SMART-PORT, the first and only  laboratory turbine with totally shadow-free working area, the LED Carver and the first LED dental operatory light, the DENTA-LED. All of these products were milestones in dental technology.

These innovations developed and produced at our Swiss headquarters are distributed daily to our international trade partners in more than 60 countries worldwide. Throughout the company's history, BPR Swiss has always focused on its customers. It is our passion and motivation to continue to provide our customers with the best products available on the market.