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Air Carver

The Laboratory Turbine with Tradition

The Air Carver is a compact, handy laboratory turbine made of stainless steel. The Air Carver offers pure quality. Enjoy the difference.

  • Torque: The incomparably high torque allows surfaces to be manipulated at a very high grinding pressure. The handpiece of the Air Carver is constructed to allow the air to escape immediately after driving the rotor. This has the advantage, that there is no backpressure building up. This gives the handpiece extra torque.
  • Precision: Highest precision of the rotating axle.
  • Design and manufacturing quality: Compactly designed stainless steel casing (no plastics) in highest manufacturing quality with an elegant design.
  • Comfort: The extra slim design of the rotor gives maximum working comfort and maximum visibility to the piece being worked on. Lubrication is applied directly to the rotor’s ball bearings. This other unique feature increases the lifespan of the rotor considerably. Burs are changed without the need of a tool.