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Hydro-Air Carver

The Classic

The elegant Hydro-Air Carver is a stainless steel, compact laboratory turbine. The Hydro-Air Carver's precision remains unsurpassed to this cay. Enjoy the Difference.

  • Spray: The Hydro-Air Carver has an air/water-spray. The air/water-spray can be switched on and off quickly with the switch on the handpiece. This unique feature reacts instantly and avoids “over-flooding” the workplace.
  • Blow out function (Chip): Ground material is removed conveniently with the blow out function of the Hydro-Air Carver. Constantly changing between the handpiece and the air syringe is no more necessary.
  • Torque: The incomparably high torque allows surfaces to be manipulated at a very high grinding pressure. Thus also hard materials like titan can be processed very easily.
  • Precision: Highest precision of the rotating axle.
  • Design and manufacturing quality: Compactly designed stainless steel casing (no plastics) in highest manufacturing quality with an elegant design.