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Never go back to anything else

The unit is exceptional, and it means that I can work in just the same way as I do in the dental clinic. As far as I can judge, based on my own experience, there is nothing which is technically better on the mobile dentistry market. For example, the excellent performance of the SMART-PORT Premium has meant that I save a great deal of time when removing tartar. I would always choose BPR Swiss. My SMART-PORT Premium is the third portable unit which I have worked with. I would never go back to anything else.

Dr. Stefan Schmitz (Aachen, Germany)

BPR’s Smart-Port makes it possible for us to deliver equal dentistry to that performed in dental practices

Flexident is one of the leading company in Sweden which since its foundation in 2009, has revolutionized the dental market for mobile dentistry. One important ingredient in order to achieve that, is having the appropriate equipment. We have found that in BPR’s " SMART-PORT" dental unit. With its high efficiency, low weight and reliable functionality, it has made it possible for us to deliver a broad and patientsafe dentistry, equal to that performed in conventional dental practices. The Smart-Port has made it possible for us to reach out to a category of patients who would otherwise not have had the possibility to obtain proper and continuous dental care.

Dr. Robeir Saliba (CEO Flexident Dental Group, Bromma, Sweden)

Life-changing equipment

In the last five years our organization MondZorgPlus has been working with the BPR Swiss. MondZorgPlus is an organization that treats fragile elderly people which are not able to go to the dentist. We visit them and we treat them in their own environment. Because we have to be flexible and move freely from room to room, we’ve decided to work with BPR Swiss! BPR Swiss gives us the opportunity to build reliable dental equipment around the patient in a rather easy way. We can give our patients the professional help that they need and we are very happy to do so. Our organization from The Netherlands would like to thank BPR Swiss for this life-changing equipment.“

MondZorgPlus (Organization specialized in elderly home treatments, Raamsdonksveer, Netherlands)

Message to BPR Swiss: Smart-Port Premium the best in mobile dentistry

This message is no news for you. Nevertheless, I would like to inform you, that the Smart-Port Premium and especially the very efficient suction function is a hit, and has fully enthused and convinced me. It is very fun to work with it. For me as an seasoned dental hygienist based on my experience, the SMART-PORT Premium is by far the best that mobile dentistry has to offer. Thank you very much for this positive experience.

Dipl. DH HF Eva Gisler (Ettingen, Switzerland)

Smart-Port Premium by far the most superior unit in our repertoire

We have been providing practical hands-on mobile dentistry sessions to our students since 2015, as an integral part of our curriculum. The portable Set SMART-PORT Premium Portable dental treatment centre is by far the most superior unit in our repertoire. It provides us a reliable and effective service that is user-friendly and easy to carry and set up in different scenarios. Our students and academic staff simply love the unit. We are so delighted to be using the unit!

Professor Dr. Nikolai Attard (Dean & Head of Department of Oral Rehabilitation and Community Care, University of Malta, Malta)

Smart-Port fulfils all my wishes and I appreciate the high professionalism of BPR Swiss

During my many years working as a dentist I have always noticed how many obstacles people with limited mobility and people with dementia have to overcome in order to be able to attend a dental appointment. Thanks to the latest technology from BPR Swiss, it has now been possible for me for almost 4 years to treat such patients comfortably on site in their familiar environment. The robustness and the transportability as well as the high performance of the suction fulfil all my wishes. I really appreciate the great experience and professionalism of the BPR team and I know that I can rely on them.

Dentist Linda Coletta (Lenzburg-Seetal, Switzerland)

We wholeheartedly recommend Smart Port

We have been working with a mobile SMART-PORTunit since mid-2016 now. It is equipped with the latest suction technology as well as a micro-motor and an EMS scaler with LED light, meaning that there is not much it can not do. This means that transporting it to its place of use (be it a retirement home, hospital or private residence) is easy, as the unit can either be configured as a tower, or can be stored in two separate carry cases. It only takes a few minutes to get the unit ready for use or disassemble it. The removable fresh water and waste water bottles, which can be attached to the outside of the unit, provide an extremely hygienic solution as they prevent contamination of the inside of the unit. In addition, BPR provides excellent technical support. We can wholeheartedly recommend this unit.

Dr. Armin Reinartz (Stolberg, Germany)

20 years of use and never needed a repair

I have been using the Denta-Port 101 portable unit since 1995, to my complete satisfaction. The device has been used for the treatment of elderly people in nursing and residential homes, and for school dental care. Apart from a regular service 5 years ago, the device has never broken down in 20 years of use, and has never needed a repair.

Dr Eric Develey (La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland)

Our dentists are very happy with it

We are working in our clinic since 2016 with the Combi-Cart Clinic from BPR Swiss. Our Combi-Cart Clinic offers us the best flexibility and at the same time full performance and great comfort. Our dentists are very happy with it.

Dr. Ulrike Spies (Marburg, Germany)

Still impressed using it

Working with the SMART-PORT is just a lot of fun. When working with the micro motor and scaler, it is no different to my treatment unit in my dental clinic. In fact, the light on the scaler is significantly better than the one on the scaler on my treatment chair in the dental clinic. Best of all is the suction unit. This too is just as easy to use as in the dental clinic, and even now I am impressed and excited using it for each treatment as I was the first time.

Dr. Wolfgang Reichle (Dreieich, Germany)

Still much more valuable than hoped

Since 2011 we are using the portable BPR Swiss unit Combi-Port Premium for home visits and visits to retirement homes. When our fixed installed treatment unit failed during 3 weeks, the BPR Swiss unit was the perfect replacement. Thanks to her, we were able to continue working as usual, and to take full advantage of all our patients' appointments. Our portable unit has thus proved much more valuable than we had hoped for at the time of purchase.

Dr. Simon Thönen (Steffisburg, Switzerland)

With BPR Swiss as our reliable partner, we sometimes forget that the unit is a portable one

We have been using a portable BPR Swiss Smart-Port unit as an essential examination and treatment tool as part of our CPGABA-supported pilot study at the praxisHochschule. It is used to evaluate the quantitative and qualitative effects of a two-stage interprofessional dental hygiene training and care programme for senior citizen in-patients at a Marienhausstiftung home. The fact that it is so easy to transport and assemble make it indispensable in delivering dental and dental hygiene care to the elderly in an in-patient environment. The high levels of performance of all the unit’s functions from suction through micro-motor, ultrasonic scaler with high-performance lighting, and air-water spray combination all make this unit a highly reliable partner for the intraoral examination and treatment of patients; in fact, it is so good that we sometimes forget that it is a portable unit. The BPR Swiss SMART-PORT unit’s solid build quality, impeccable hygiene, and ease of assembly and operation all make it so much easier to deliver dental and dental hygiene care to the elderly in an in-patient environment.

Professor Dr. Georg Gaβmann (Course leader in Dental Hygiene and Prevention Management at the praxisHochschule in Cologne, Germany)

Best system in the market

We have been extensively using BPR Swiss products since more than 5 years and are highly satisfied with their performance and will highly recommend them to others as they were very helpful in providing dental services to the school children in in Kuwait. The unique features of Combi-Cart Clinic 303 were so satisfactory, such as: the self-contained clean water system, the high-quality stainless steel housing, the oil-free compressor, the digital display, the noise level which is very minimal and the ease of portability. The Sun-LED with the aluminium case is easily transported and stored, the touch free on/off is an excellent option. It is the best portable light system available in the market as per our experience.

Dr. J. Ariga (Director School OH Program MOH Kuwait, Kuwait City, Kuwait)

Perfect tool to work effectively

I've been using the LED Carver for many years. Its reliability, high torque plus the bright and shadow-free illumination of the working area make it the perfect tool for me to work quickly and effectively. With diamond burs zirconium or ceramics can very easily be processed and with carbide cutters CoCr alloys or titanium.

Thomas Wischropp (Liestal, Switzerland)

Excellent performance, minimum noise, easy to clean

I have started using the portable BPR Swiss unit Combi-Port Premium. It showed an excellent performance and minimum noise. The unit can be easily installed, moved and stored. It is also easily cleaned, maintained and disinfected, making it perfect for usage in operation theatres. The compressor of this model is compared to other BPR Swiss units is slightly heavy but can be shifted smoothly.

Dr. Khamis Al Balushi (Senior Specialist Paediatric Dentistry, Muscat, Oman)

Very satisfied with Cart

I am very satisfied with your cart, it meets my expectations. I can recommend it without hesitation and you can pass on my contact details to my French colleagues who need further information.

Dr. Alain Bourit (Bourges, Frankreich)

Makes my daily work so much easier

I get around by bike and public transport. This is why it is very important for me to have a treatment unit which can be moved easily. I also value quality and comfort highly. The SMART-PORT gives me a complete, compact and fully functional unit which I can easily transport around thanks to its low weight of only 11 kg. The SMART-PORT makes my daily work literally so much easier, and I can always rely on it.

Mrs Jacqueline Boss (Berne, Switzerland)

Very happy with my portable unit from BPR Swiss

I have been working for over four years with my BPR Swiss portable treatment unit, and I am very happy with it. I transport my unit with me in the car without taking any special precautions, and despite this my Easy-Port always performs reliably. In addition to robustness, reliability and ease of transport, treatment performance is of course very important to me. The excellent light on the instruments and the unparalleled suction unit are particularly useful when providing dental care for the elderly.

Dr. Ilse Weinfurtner (Detmold, Germany)

The whole concept pleases me every time

I can comfortably transport the SMART-PORT Premium in any circumstances, thanks to the DENTA-TROLLEY which makes walking longer distances very easy. For high steps, or even stairs, I simply release the SMART-PORT Premium from the DENTA-TROLLEY then carry the unit in one hand and the DENTA-TROLLEY with its drawers for my supplies in the other. I do the same thing when packing the unit into the car. The SMART-PORT Premium is lightweight and small and therefore even fits into small cars. My assistant can set up the SMART-PORT Premium within a few minutes. In the meantime I can prepare for the treatment thereby wasting no time. The subsequent treatment with the SMART-PORT Premium leaves nothing to be desired. The whole SMART-PORT Premium concept pleases me every time I use it.

Dr. Michel Gigandet (Muri b. Bern, Switzerland)

Everything has become easier with the SMART-PORT

The use of the SMART-PORT mobile dental unit greatly simplifies dental treatments in all situations where we need it, nursing home, dental care for the socially disadvantaged and in places not at all planned. Everything has become easier since we know this unit. In addition, installation and maintenance are extremely simple and fast. Thank you for this so well designed device.

Dr. Jean-Michel Madignier (Gaillard, France)