Dental Operatory Light

Advantages of LED technology:

  • high light output and low energy consumption
  • high shock and vibration resistance
  • extremely long life of the LED module (only if as in the DENTA-LED a functioning Wärmemgmt exists).
  • BEST HEAT MANAGEMENT on the market prevents lamp from heating without making any noise: more convenience during work and longer lifetime for your lamp
  • UNIQUE FEATURE: Filter, which can be turned on and off, prevents polymerisation for every composit
  • Sensor-controlled switch-on and switch-off (3-step dim function)  
  • Removable&Sterilisable Handles
  • High luminous efficiency and low power consumption
  • Shadow-free lighting of the working area (16 x 8 cm)
  • No glare for the patient thanks to focussed light field
  • High shock and vibration resistance
  • Extremely long service life of LED modules
  • No maintenance required
  • Quality steel sealed casing: Easy care and disinfection of the surfaces, ensuring maximum hygiene
  • Illumination 35’000 LUX at a distance of 70 centimeters (tested and GUARANTEED)!
  • Stable light colour on 5000 K (+/-1% constant)!