Safe and independent

The stainless steel DENTA-VAC mobile suction unit offers great flexibility and ease of use. The DENTA-VAC is fitted with four suction hoses. Compared to conventional suction units it has an independent suction in addition to the three suction hoses (one with cuspidor) which are operated by an external suction motor. If the external motor breaks down, the operation or treatment can continue uninterrupted thanks to this independent suction. The cuspidor bowl is easy to remove and sterilise.

Flyer / Technical Infos

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  • High-quality stainless steel housing
  • 1 Three-way syringe (air/water/spray) with sterilisable tips
  • Self-contained clean water system for the syringe and the filling of water glass
  • 1 Saliva suction hose
  • 1 High-performance suction hose
  • 1 High-performance suction hose with cuspidor made of sterilisable steel

Technical Data

  • Air consumption for suction: 25 l/min
  • Operating pressure: 4.5 bar
  • Spray water tank: 1.5 litres
  • Independent vacuum suction with 2 litre suction fluid container for sur - gery, and upon interruption of the central aspirator (including automatic overflow prevention)
  • Total weight: approx. 21 kg
  • Dimensions: 535mm × 580mm × 850mm

Warranty: 2 years