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SUN-LED Classic

Pure flexibility.

The technically advanced thermal management system from BPR Swiss means that the elegant SUN-LED comes without any disruptive or unhygienic ventilation slots! Despite its small size the SUN-LED provides impressive photometric peak values without compromising on handling or hygiene. The applications in which the SUN-LED can be used are almost limitless, thanks to its performance, flexible handling and numerous installation variants.

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Features of the SUN-LED Classic

  • Housing made of the highest quality materials with gloss-coated, absolutely homogeneous surfaces for perfect hygiene
  • Outstanding light intensity and light quality
  • Sensor with five dimming levels
  • Variable light field

Technical details of the SUN-LED Classic

  • Light intensity: Max. 70,000 lux at a distance of 70cm
  • 5 dimming levels: Operated via sensor or keyboard
  • CRI: > 95
  • Colour temperature: 4500K (daylight quality)
  • Service life (LEDs): 70,000 hours

Guarantee: 2 years

Installable as: stand-mounted, ceiling-mounted and wall-mounted, as well as table and chair variants